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Small Bites

Philly Cheese Steak Spring Roll  4.25

Coconut Shrimp  6.95

Veggie Spring Rolls  3.75

Street Fries   4.95

French Fries  2.95

Chicken Tenders  5.95

Battered Fried Green Beans with Sweet Chili Sauce  4.50



Choose from our 5 Special House Sauces, tossed or on the side

Honey Sriracha, Thai Sweet Chili, Thai Hot Chili, Korean Gochu Sauce, Korean BBQ

5 Wings  6.95

10 Wings  11.95

20 Wings  20.95


Six served with Ginger Soya and Spicy Thai Chili

Chicken or Veggie Crispy Dumpling 6.95

Pan Seared Pork Pot Sticker  6.95    

Steamed Crab or Pork Shumai  7.95

Dumpling Sampler (10 assorted, 2 of each style)  11.95

Family Size Dumpling Platter (20 assorted, 4 of each style)  16.95



Choose your dressing:

Ginger Sesame, Cucumber Wasabi, Caesar, Peanut Satay, Honey Ginger Balsamic

Salmon Salad

Seared Salmon over a super food green mix, roasted sesame, tomato, cucumber, carrots, edamame  14.95

Bangkok Grilled Salad

Grilled Chicken over mixed greens, roasted sesame, tomato, cucumber  12.95



Pad Thai  Rice noodle, egg, vegetables, peanut, lime, dried pickled cabbage, tamarind sauce and your choice of chicken, beef, shrimp, tofu or veggie  14.95

Chicken Green Curry  Traditional Thai green curry with coconut milk, green and red pepper, Thai basil  14.95     

Beef Red Curry  Traditional Thai red curry with coconut milk, green and red pepper, Thai basil  14.95

Drunken Noodle  Famous for curing hangovers in Thailand, with Fettuccini and spicy basil sauce and your choice of chicken, beef, shrimp, tofu or veggie  14.95

Main Course

Served with steamed white or brown rice. All dishes can be made vegetarian upon request.

"Ka Paw" Basil Chicken  Wok sautéed chicken with garlic, onions, basil, red and green and Thai peppers  12.95

General Tso Chicken  Wok sautéed in sweet and mild spicy sauce  12.95    

Sesame Chicken  Wok sautéed in sweet and savory honey sesame sauce  12.95

Chicken Teriyaki  Japanese classic dish of chicken sautéed with broccoli and light soya sauce  13.95

Salmon Teriyaki  Salmon steak sautéed with broccoli and light soya sauce  14.95

Mongolian Beef  Classic dish of sautéed beef with green and red peppers, scallions and light soya sauce  13.95

Basil Ginger Shrimp  Wok sautéed in fresh Thai basil in ginger and garlic sauce  13.95


Fried Rice

Chicken Fried Rice   12.95

Beef Fried Rice   13.95

Veggie Fried Rice   11.95

Shrimp Fried Rice   13.95

Salmon Fried Rice   14.95

Tofu Fried Rice   11.95

Create Your Own Rice Bowl $12

Served with stir fried mixed vegetable.

Choose Protein






Choose Starch

Jasmine Rice

Brown Rice

Rice Noodle 


Choose Sauce

Satay Peanut

General Tso


Ginger Basil Garlic



Slice of Heaven  Cheesecake, Lemoncello or Mississippi mud pie   4.95



Water   2.00

Sparkling Water  2.50

Fruit Juice  2.00

Thai Ice Tea  2.83

Fountain drink   2.83

Canned soda  1.50

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